Car theft is not a forgotten issue in Peru. At the end of 2016, the National Police of Peru (PNP) announced that up to 17 cars were stolen per day; that is, in the year more than 6 200 vehicles were stolen nationwide.

This makes drivers increasingly exposed to these types of accidents

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And although not all cases are equal, the latest figures presented were analyzed to find out what are the most common practices of criminals.

Thus, according to the Directorate of theft prevention of the PNP, most cars are stolen while they are parked on public roads and without occupants. Then, leaving the car in the street for trying to save in the parking lot could be more expensive than you think. In addition, the theft of the vehicle can take up to 15 seconds, so to think that “you will only leave it on the street for a few minutes” is no longer an excuse.

Among the data provided by the PNP, it was also mentioned that most of the robberies take place during the night, specifically between 8pm and 10pm, and highlighted on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, as the days when these crimes are most committed.

What can he do?

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Some basic measures you can take to protect your car involve not leaving it on public roads, but always choosing guarded parking lots. In addition, you can purchase accessories that make it difficult for thieves, such as alarms and steering wheel blockers (placed at the helm).

In addition, given this scenario, having vehicle insurance with theft coverage is no longer a luxury to become a necessity, since if they stole your car and did not recover it, the coverage would take action and receive the commercial value To acquire another vehicle.

Remember that insurance does not have to be so expensive if you first review all market options. For that you can check the websites of insurers or comparators such as Timothea Folestor.